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Dr.Dong-Won Kang

Department   : Solar and Energy Engineering
Phone   : +82-43-229-8558

▶ 2003-2007 : Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University (B. S.)
▶ 2007-2013년 : Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Seoul National University (Ph.D.)
▶ 2013-2015년 : Department of Physical Electronics, Tokyo Institute of
Technology (TIT), Japan (Postdoctoral research fellow)
▶ 2015-현재 : Department of Solar & Energy Engineering, Cheongju University (Assistant professor)

◆ Research Topics/Interests
- Metal oxides and organic/inorganic hybrid electronic materials for high efficiency solar cells
- Photovoltaic devices employing silicon-based and/or organic/inorganic hybrid perovskites
- Characterization and optimization of coated thin films
- Analysis of structural, electrical, and optical properties of electronic thin films
- Photovoltaic module technology
- Thin film transistors and sensor applications

◆ Recent publications (2014~)
1. D.-W. Kang, P. Sichanugrist, M Konagai, “Wide-bandgap P-type Microcrystalline Silicon Oxycarbide Using Additional Trimethylboron for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells”, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research & Applications (2017) In-press (IF=7.37)
2. A. Chowdhury, D.-W. Kang, P. Sichanugrist, M Konagai, “Performance improvement of amorphous silicon solar cell by SiOx:H based multiple antireflection coatings”, Thin Solid Films 616 (2016) 461–465. (IF: 1.76)
3. D.-W. Kang, J.W. Kim, “Characterization of fibrous gel polymer electrolyte for lithium polymer batteries with enhanced electrochemical properties”, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 15 (2016) 37-42. (IF: 2.82)
4. D.-W. Kang, P. Sichanugrist, M Konagai, “Progress ina-SiOx:HThinFilmSolarCellswith
PatternedMgF2DielectricforTopCellofMulti-junctionSystem”, Electronic Materials Letters 12 (2016) 451-455. (IF: 2.06)
5. D.-W. Kang, P. Sichanugrist, B. Janthong, M. Ajmal Khan, C. Niikura, M Konagai, “Development of Wide Band Gap P-a-SiOxCy:HUsingAdditional
TrimethylboronasCarbonSourceGas”, Electronic Materials Letters 12 (2016) 462-467. (IF: 2.06)
6. D.-W. Kang, Y. Takiguchi, P. Sichanugrist, M Konagai, “InGaP//GaAs//c-Si 3-junction Solar Cells Employing Spectrum-Splitting System”, Progress in Photovoltaics : Research & Applications 24 (2016) 1016–1023 (IF: 7.37)
7. D.-W. Kang, Y. Takiguchi, P. Sichanugrist, M Konagai, “InGaP//GaAs// CIGS 3- Junction Spectrum-splitting Solar Cells with Low Concentration Ratio”, Physica Status Solidi (A) 213 (2016) 1535–1540. (IF: 1.65)
8. D.-W. Kang, A. Chowdhury, P. Sichanugrist, M. Konagai, “Light management of a- SiOx:H thin film solar cells with hydrogen-reduced p+ buffer at TiO2/p-layerinterface”,
Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 143 (2015) 296–301 (IF: 4.73)
9. D.-W. Kang, A. Chowdhury, P. Sichanugrist, Y. Abe, H. Konishi, Y. Tsuda, T. Shinagawa, H. Tokioka, H. Fuchigami and M. Konagai, “Highly transparent Zn1- xMgxO/ITO multilayer for window of thin film solar cells”, Current Applied Physics 15, 1022-1026, (2015) (IF: 2.14)
10. A. Chowdhury, D.-W. Kang, M. Isshiki , T. Oyama, H. Odaka, P. Sichanugrist, M. Konagai “Effect of textured glass substrates coated with LPCVD-deposited SnO2:F on amorphous silicon solar cells”, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 140, 126-133, (2015) (IF: 4.73)
11. D.-W. Kang, P. Sichanugrist, S. Miyajima and M. Konagai, “Low temperature processed a- SiOx:H/a-Si:H Tandem cells for full spectrum solar cells”, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 54, 08KB02 (2015) (IF: 1.12)
12. D.-W. Kang, P. Sichanugrist, and M. Konagai, “Novel application of MgF2 as a back reflector in a-SiOx:H thin film solar cells”, Applied Physics Express, vol. 7, 082302, (2014). (IF: 2.27)
13. S. Kim, D.-W. Kang, P. Sichanugrist, and M. Konagai, “Amorphous solar cell on multilayer of SnO2/ZnO TCO substrate for full spectrum splitting solar cell application”, Canadian Journal of Physics, vol. 92, 917 (2014) (IF: 0.96)