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Dr. Kwang-Ho Kim

Dr. Kwang-Ho Kim is a Professor at the department of Solar and Energy Engineering at Cheongju University where he also has a secondary appointment as a Professor of the Dept. of Semiconductor Engineering. He received the B.S. degrees from Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, in 1983. He also received the M.S. and the Ph. D. degrees in Applied Electronics from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan in 1987 and 1990 respectively, where he worked on heterostructure of GaAs and insulators for MIS devices.
In 1990, he joined the Department of Semiconductor Engineering, the Cheongju University, where he is also now an adjunct professor. His teaching and research interests include advanced semiconductor materials and devices, surface/interface engineering, Nano and compound semiconductor devices. Prof. Kim stayed in Yale University as a visiting scholar, where he worked on SBT/SiN/Si structured Ferroelectric DRAM (FEDRAM) device with Prof. T.P.Ma from Jan., 2001 to Jan., 2002. Since 2009 he has continued research in the field of photovoltaics (especially high efficiency solar cells including QW solar cells) at RIPV in the Cheongju University.
He has published more than 200 technical papers in prestigious journals and conferences, and holds several patents in the field of semiconductor and photovoltaics. Dr. Kim is a member of the IEEE and the Japan Society of Applied Physics and the Institute of electronics Engineers of Korea and the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers.

Department   : Solar and Energy Engineering
Phone   : +82-43-229-8465
E-mail   : 이 이메일 주소는 스팸봇으로부터 보호됩니다, 보시려면 자바스크립트를 활성화해야 됩니다.

Selected papers:

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